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Our Legal Practices

Lawyers in Lobby

Public Defender

The Public Defender has 6 attorneys on staff along with a mental health and social services case worker starting October of 2022. We represent indigent clients who have been accused of a felony-level offense. Our goal is to provide zealous advocacy not only dealing with the charged crime, but to also provide mental health referrals, deal with substance abuse issues, and offer other resources which can improve our clients’ lives. Our entire staff is here to serve the needs of our clients with qualified, compassionate, and holistic solutions.

Law Office

Managed Assigned Counsel

The one word most frequently used to describe the advantages of a Managed Assigned Counsel (MAC)  program is “accountability.” The MAC is an independent service separate from the judiciary and from the public defender’s office, the MAC employs a team of administrators who hire and supervise attorneys and replaces the current system in which each court appoints attorneys for their cases. The current panel of court appointed attorneys offer years of experience in Criminal Defense.  The MAC promotes quality representation by panel attorneys by monitoring workloads, mentoring, training, addressing client complaints, having available mental health case workers and encouraging the effective use of investigators and expert witnesses.

Like a public defender, a MAC creates efficiency by centralizing operations without growing government exponentially.  With a centralized case management system the MAC collects case-related data, processes vouchers systematically, and measures the performance and effectiveness of the program.

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